Why Choose AquaSwift?


3-in-1 Device

Telemetry, barometric correction, and depth measurements all in one device.


Database Integration API

Integrate with WISKI and other database systems using our API.


Real-time Alerts

Get notified of high or low water levels via sms, email, or phone-call alerts.

Installation Made Easy

Get up-and-running in less than 5 minutes

Our device is ready out-of-the-box, just connect your desired sensors, and get started collecting data.

Get The Data You Need


Get your data remotely from the comfort of your computer, without you needing to visit the device in person.

Barometric Correction

Get your depth readings using our built-in barometric correction.

Accurate Depth

With a resolution of 0.01 inches, you will be able to see even the slightest differences in hydrological environments.

Let's Get Started

Learn how AquaSwift can help you streamline your water monitoring initiatives.